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Customer Testimonials

I was always afraid to be hypnotized,fear of the unknown. What a great experience when Lee hypnotized me. Her gentleness and calming voice made me so relaxed. All fears gone. She helped me to achieve my goal. I would definitely recommend Lee.      Brenda

Lee & I have worked together to unravel past traumas and losses in my life to ease the hold and constraints the issues had on my life. Some of the issues Lee & I have worked on are as follows: Aftermath of 9-11-01 Loss of family members in the past five years due to cancer and dementia Pain management Self Esteem Constructive techniques to handle physical limitations Thank You Lee for the insight I have gain through the years.                                                             Bonnie

I have been having problems with my shoulder and the pain is sometimes unbearable. I was introduced to rekei by Lee and after chopping wood for the day boy did this help. I was so relaxed during my session and the pain subsided. Even though I didn't believe rekei could help with my pain, I was amazed at how it works and how good I felt afterwards. This was a great experience and I will continue to see Lee as needed.


 I have had a lot of stress in my life lately. I have been going to Lee about once a month for hypnosis and boy has my life changed. I am more relaxed, am able to let things go and feel more confident about myself. I only thought that hypnosis was for quitting smoking or losing weight, never knew that there were so many other areas that hypnosis can help you with. Thanks Lee                                                                                                                                         C.K   Don't be afraid of hypnosis! After my session with Lee I found the will and determination to get up and do what needs to be done. The session was relaxing and self affirming, like a guided meditation.                                                        Donna Z.