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Find the Many Wonders Inside of You 

Sometimes we need a little guidance in reaching our goals; a little confidence boost, or just personal answers.

Hypnosis helps with your connection to the you just waiting to come out! 

Hypnosis is truly a deep form of meditation that allows you to connect with the real you hiding inside. 

Hypnosis helps to break those walls built out of fear and allows true perspective to show.

Hypnosis is a scientifically proven technique that helps promote wanted life changes on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. 

Hypnosis has received a bad representation through the untrue and exaggerated versions shown by Hollywood in movies and on T.V. It makes you believe that you become the slave to the master hypnotist. Nothing is father from the truth. Hypnosis promotes wanted life changes. It helps to create those changes on the behavioral, emotional and physical levels. It is a scientifically proven technique and its true purpose is to help you gain more control over your behavioral, emotional and physical well-being.

Hypnosis works on the subconscious mind, the part of you that you do not think about, the part of your mind that is automatic. It is the part of the mind that reacts for you in situations and knows your actions that have served you for a long period of time;  these actions have become habits that may be outdated and no longer serving you.  These habits are sometimes embedded into your subconscious for most of your lifetime and because they have been embedded for so long, most people have a hard time making those changes. Research has shown that new habits can be made between 2 months and 8 months with average of 66 days. This is where hypnosis works well. Hypnosis implants new and positive thinking into your subconscious mind changing your perceptual thoughts about the issue and taking a much shorter amount of time and effort.   If you so choose, the self-hypnosis CD for 21 days works great too!

  • It is important to understand that hypnosis is not sleep but a meditative state, a state of relaxation in which the mind becomes more aware and clear, more focused and capable of reasoning. 
  • There is NO loss of control, No Loss of Consciousness, No Surrender of Will.  One client asked their hypnotist, “what if something were to happen to you while I am under hypnosis?” The hypnotist replied, “Open your eyes and call 911.” This is possible because you are always in control and can come out of hypnosis whenever you wish.  You are actually inducing yourself with my guidance, therefore always in control and and capable.
  • You do not need to be a relaxed person, just willing to allow me to guide you through the process.
  • You cannot be hypnotized against your will.
  • It is a fact that they have found that there is a correlation between intelligence & hypnosis in that the greater the intelligence, the better they hypnotic subject. That is not saying that you need a college degree! 
  • Build a rapport with your hypnotist and be comfortable with what you are doing as trust is important.

A recent ‘Clinical Review’ of hypnosis and relaxation therapies published in the BMJ looked at the existing research on hypnosis and concluded that hypnosis was proven to be effective for treating insomnia. (Vickers & Zollman, ‘Hypnosis and relaxation therapies,’ BMJ 1999;319: 1346-1349)

Various case studies have reported the successful use of self-hypnosis in treating post-traumatic stress disorder, public speaking, simple phobia and panic disorder. Overall, previous speculations and empirical findings suggest that increases in a sense of self-reliance, self-control and self-efficacy may be central to the alleviation of anxiety through self-hypnosis.’ (Lucy O’Neill, Amanda Barnier, & Kevin McConkey, ‘Treating Anxiety with self-hypnosis and relaxation’, Contemporary Hypnosis, 1999, vol. 16 (2): 68)

In a research study involving over 100 patients suffering from stress-related conditions it was found that 75% felt their symptoms were improving after 12 weeks of self-hypnosis practice, within one year 72% of the group reported complete remission of their symptoms as a result of the self-hypnosis. (Maher-Loughnan, G.P. 1980, “Hypnosis: Clinical application of hypnosis in medicine’, British Journal of Hospital Medicine, 23: 447-55)