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Do We Live in Fear?

Posted by eleanormiller91 on April 15, 2019 at 4:35 PM

Why do we live in so much fear?  You dont! So you believe. It seems that everything we do is done with a FEAR POINT!  WHAT IF, seems to be our Mantra.  Well..... we can still use the what if!  What if it goes right! 

Why is it we follow the same patterns over and over, even when we know they are not what is right for us? Is that not the definition of INSANITY?  Doing the same thing over and over and hoping for different results?  Then we bitch about it as if we are NOT at fault in anyway!

Half of the times it just feels wrong or like something is missing and yet we do it to fit in.  We will eat a certain way, lest we be judged.  Like high tea, it is fine for some, but it is not for everyone! So why be the proverbial 'bull, in the china shop'? 

Follow, follow, follow, that is what has gotten us into this mess anyway..... always following what we believe, or rather what we have been taught to be right for us!  Dont we realize that most of us feel the same way about being a hamster on a wheel? Keeping our labels and outdated beliefs going so strong!  So why is it we do not jump off am make a new way? Or to follow the way that we know to be right for us?

All disconnected and yet connected in our disconnectedness. What is it about this connection that causes us fear?  Is it the fear of being different?....But, is that not what makes us great?  How boring if we were all the same!

Let us respect the differences, EMBRACE the differences! 

So many are just observers in the dance of life. They wish to dance like no one is watching but are afraid of being judged for having no rhythm. Of hearing someone mock them.

I say sing in front of a crowd and have fun! Go bowling and suck!  Cheer on those gutter balls! Just have fun in who you are! 

It is the fear of JUDGEMENT that keeps us from enjoying life! But it is us who judge ourselves, before others even can! Realize that they are too, feeling the same way as you!

Step out of the comfort zone and blaze those perfectly imperfect trails! 

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