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Find the Many Wonders Inside of You 

Sometimes looking into past lives is something that a client wishes to do just for the fun of it. But, Past life reflections can help resolve issues that may be occurring in your life without a logical reason.  There has been many times where an issue is resolved by going into a past life and seeing when and why an issue began.  

Do you find you are searching for more?  Akashic Record reading is another way to access information about your Being from its beginning existence.   It is a record of your soul through Love and Truth.  There is no right or wrong, only lessons.  It is also called the Book of Life, Book of Knowledge and it holds all the sacred information of your soul and only gives you the information that you need at the time.  What is pertinent to your Being.  (It never gives you more than you can handle, as it is guided and protected by your record keeper.)

If you wish an Akashic Record reading, please feel free to call 518 231-5991 to set up a time that is convenient for us both!