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The Wonders of You, LLC

Find the Many Wonders Inside of You 


When we silence the distractions, we can truly delve into ourselves and find the Natural Wonders hidden inside!

The wonders of you specializes in Transpersonal work which provides access to your true self. Allowing you to work on your mind, body interaction as well as finding the perfection inside of you.  

None of us is truly perfect, but we can work on bettering ourselves as time goes on.   Our belief is one of helping you in your long-range growth and development by helping you to find your path and offering guidance for what works for you and your life. 

Judgement is non-existent as we all learn from our experiences and grow from them.   

Eleanor Miller lived that life of self sacrifice and was one who felt self-doubt when it came time to taking care of herself. She spent so much time saving the rest of the world that it no longer felt good. After years of searching, she understands why the popular remedies just don't cut it. She offers guidance to people on how to say no without feeling guilty, how to find their own voice, strength, and confidence and so much more on their path to recognizing their own importance.

Best Selling Author of :  If I Am So Strong, Why Do I Feel So Weak?  available on the book page. 

Retired NYC Paramedic    Ordained Minister    Consulting Hypnotist    Reiki Master    Liver of Life    

Member of:
National Guild of Hypnotists    National Association of Professional Women    Mind, Body Network    Chamber of Commerce, Sharon Springs, NY    Sharon Springs Free Library Trustee