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The Wonders of You, LLC

Find the Many Wonders Inside of You 

My name is Eleanor Uniszkiewicz-Miller, for most my life I have been known as Lee.  There are times in all of our lives that we need a little guidance in reaching our goals; a little confidence boost, or just personal answers.   Firstly, let me just say that I am human, and I have let the stresses of life and the distractions of fear bring me down.   It is because of the help that I allowed, I am who I am today!  

I worked as a Paramedic in the NYC 911 system for 30 years. I am into the well-being of all people, which most definitely includes spiritual health. While working as a paramedic, I became Reiki certified in 2003, receiving my Reiki Master in 2004, ordained as a minister in 2005 and certified as a consulting hypnotist in 2008.

I specialize in Transpersonal areas which provides access to your highest self. Allowing you to work on your mind, body interaction as well as finding the perfection inside of you.  

None of us is truly perfect, but we can work on bettering ourselves as time goes on.   I believe in helping you to find your answers, not me telling you how you should be.  I believe judgement should be non-existent as we learn from our experiences and grow from them.   

During a one on one session, the first part of the session is getting to know each other. Building a rapport and trust for both of us, is extremely important and immeasurable, which is why the first session is usually the longest.

Member of:
National Guild of Hypnotists
National Association of Professional Women
Mind, Body Network
Chamber of Commerce, Sharon Springs, NY