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The Wonders of You, LLC

Find the Many Wonders Inside of You 

Cee,  “Sun Shines On Face” , Edwards is of Tsalagi / African American decent .  She spent 16 years as executive director of a Title IV community center offering services to children, Seniors and those in need.  Shortly after the death of her husband, Cee went on a Vision Quest in the Arizona desert and was set on a new path as a healer.  She has studied the Native American flute with noted artist R. Carlos Naki, as well as  several healing and guidance modalities with the medicine people of the Machu Piccu mountain area of Peru,  the Lake Titicaca area and the Amazon.  Regarding her ideological approach to sound healing, Cee states, “The universe vibrates to create the song of Life. To be well, to do well, our bodies need to sing along in harmony.”