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I am so excited! My book, If I Am So Strong Why Do I Feel So Weak?, hit the bestseller list just hours after it launched. The reviews have been astounding and I am happy that it is affecting people in the way that it is meant to. For your FREE Copy send me an email.

I received a great testimonial from a major clinical hypnotherapist to the stars! 

In If I am so Strong, Why do I Feel So Weak?, Eleanor Miller uses her own astute self-awareness to help others break down the barriers in their own lives. As a clinical hypnotherapist I see many people who need a boost in confidence in order to achieve their goals. This is an empowering book, that I highly recommend and will help you get the self-confidence you deserve!
-Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D., Clinical Hypnotherapist

As you read Eleanor J. Miller’s book, “If I am so strong, why do I feel so weak?” she perfectly expresses her journey and grasp on the human experience, through insight and life examples. Through her sharing of personal stories, we are shown how to be our own advocate; she gives us specific life tools to guide our way to happiness. We all have a right to stand up for ourselves and rise up to every challenge with success and this book enlightens us all to do just that. A beneficial and lesson-filled read!

-A.J. Albanese, AJA Kreations, Editor/Writer

Eleanor is a perfectly imperfect person. Her awareness of her own flaws and weaknesses is her biggest virtue and strength, which allows her to continue growing spiritually and emotionally. She has dedicated her life to helping others, from working in the medical field, to helping people spiritually and now as an author. In her book, If I am So Strong, Why do I feel So Weak?, she gives us personal insights into her life, her struggles and the changes that she's had to make to grow and overcome her obstacles.

If you are looking for a straightforward and uncomplicated approach to self-awareness, I recommend Eleanor's book. Let someone who is passionate about helping others be your guide in finding the light at the end of your tunnel. Cristina Lijo

By allowing us to see into her own life stories, she enables us to contemplate our own life struggles and coping abilities. I read it at one sitting and would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to, or needs to, find encouragement.

Maureen Uniszkiewicz


Do we take the opportunities that are given to us or do we sit back because we may think it to be out of the ordinary and someone may judge us? Or, do we believe it to be too difficult? Maybe we believe that we are not worthy of it and can do it another time. 

Are you tired of feeling as if you do not matter? Afraid to speak your mind or make boundaries? You have heard of the law of attraction but feel it does not work for you? Are you everyone else’s perception of who you ought to be and hiding who you want to be? When it comes to you do you procrastinate? Do you feel like you are doing and yet not getting anywhere? 

Because of my book and the people looking for help, I have created a beta program. If you are ready to make the changes now to make your life happier 

Give you a community of understanding without judgement

Gain true confidence and strength

Create healthy boundaries

How to respect yourself and get it from others and so much more!

For me now, I know that it is what I make of it  and that when the help is put in front of me, it is up to me to take the first step and accept it.

Please contact me to see if we are a fit for each other with this program which has been based on the book and has been

 getting amazing results for those.